Day 47: Valentine´s Day

16 Feb

Nothing says romance like a private beach, scenic cliff edge ocean views and picture perfect sunsets, so it was an easy decision to stay in Mizata for Valentine’s Day. After our typical breakfast of oatmeal and oranges, we offered to video Matt and Steve “shred the nar” on Mizata’s point break. With the sun in our eyes, it was difficult to tell who was who bobbing on their boards far out at sea, but we managed to film a few sweet sessions before the sun forced us back to the shade. Knowing it was our last day in Mizata, we spent the afternoon relaxing in hammocks, drawing and making a batch of mango marmalade for the road.

An hour before sunset, we climbed back up to the top of the east cliff, past the families swimming and netting minnows in the fresh water river and shared a special romantic moment while watching the sun slowly lower itself to the ocean. With a full view of the breathtaking Mizata, we reminisced about how we first fell in love and the amazing adventures our love has taken us on. We have met very few couples on the trip and when we probe, most people confess that they could never travel with their partner. As we watched the pelicans fly overhead in a V formation like Canadian Geese, we talked about how lucky we are to be such perfect compliments to each other and how we have worked so well together to make it this far into our trip and into our relationship. Having watched the sun set eight nights in a row, we allowed enough time to scale back down the cliff to enjoy our final secluded dip in this surreal setting.

Matt and Steve left for the nearby town of El Tunco to try to find romance on this day of love, so we were left to have a romantic dinner of stacks of French toast and homefries. We smiled at how many people back home would have spent a fortune on flowers, dinner and wine and how this most romantic of days set us back a total of $8.50 including the room and food. Vanessa came by to see if we would play cards with her and when she heard that we were leaving, she ran home to gather some of the others. Before eating two large slices of Rosa’s massive birthday cake, we had round after round of card games with the kids until it was time for bed. They were sad to say goodbye but knew we were being honest when we said we would be back.

As we rubbed each other’s feet in the hammocks beneath a full sky of skars, we talked about the perfection of this place. From the bright sun rise to the orange sunset; from the warm waters to the cool breeze; from the sounds of crashing ocean waves to the show boating roosters; from the friendly hosts to the smiling children; from the grooving tunes of Jack Johnson to the 18 for $1 sweet oranges; no place on earth is as drenched with “Buena Ondas.” Muchas Gracias Mateo y Steven Seagal.

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